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CareCalendar is supported financially by donations and sponsorships from individuals, organizations and businesses. Your support will help ensure that CareCalendar will remain free of charge for anyone that needs this service.

** Public list of your group's calendars
When a calendar is linked to a multiple-calendar sponsorship, the coordinator of that calendar can opt-in to be included on a list of calendars for your group. This list is available to the public and can be viewed by searching for your group/sponsor code or by visiting a custom link.

A link to your group's list can be included on your website, in a social media post, or in a newsletter/bulletin that is sent to your members. Only the recipient name will be shown on the list. All other information will remain confidential.

This is a great way for people within your organization to find out about new calendars. They can then contact the coordinator to request the logon information.

Sample Sponsor images


Sponsorship Terms and Conditions

CareCalendar was created to assist communities in their efforts to provide relief for families and individuals that are going through life changing events and/or a time of illness or incapacity. Ads placed on this calendar will be more effective if they are for organizations, products and/or services that also share the same goals, or are of general interest to visitors of this site.

Sponsorships are available on a "first come, first served" basis.

A maximum of one (1) sponsorship per calendar will be active at any given time.

CareCalendar content is intended to be acceptable for families and people of all ages. Please keep that in mind when considering the content of your ad and site your ad links to.

CareCalendar is not responsible for the content of the advertisements, nor the content of any site that is linked to from those advertisements. The sponsor/advertiser accepts all responsibility for the content. By accepting advertisements, CareCalendar in no way is endorsing the product or organization advertised.

Sponsors are responsible for creating the image(s) to be displayed on CareCalendar. The images colors and content should be in good taste and animation should be limited and unobtrusive. For an additional fee, we can create a simple image for you, or we will gladly refer you to one of the independent professional graphic artists that we work with. Referrals do not imply an endorsement or guarantee of any kind. You will be responsible to work out the details with the graphic artists on image creation and payment for services.

All sponsorships, including ad content, must be approved by us and/or the coordinator of the sponsored calendar before it will be activated. CareCalendar staff reserves the right to reject and/or cancel any sponsorship/advertisement that they feel is inappropriate.

In the event an ad is canceled or rejected by CareCalendar, a pro-rata refund may be issued for the time remaining, less an administrative fee.

Unlimited calendar plan
Plans that include unlimited calendars are intended for a single LOCAL organization.

Multiple chapter groups
Larger organizations (regional, national, global, etc.) should set up a separate sponsorship for each local group.

Discounts may be negotiated for organizations wishing to purchase sponsorships for multiple local groups, or a single sponsorship to include the entire organization.

Payment for sponsorships must be made before the ad/logo is displayed. Credit terms are not offered unless special arrangements have been made.

Minimum commitment
A minimum payment equal to one month's sponsorship is required. Sponsorships for calendars used less than the required minimum are non-refundable and non-transferable.

These sponsorship terms are subject to change.

Please contact us if you have any questions.