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Advertising on CareCalendar

CareCalendar was created to assist communities in their efforts to provide relief for families and individuals that are going through life changing events and/or a time of illness or incapacity. Ads placed on this calendar will be more effective if they are for organizations, products and/or services that also share the same goals, or are of general interest to visitors of this site.

Our advertising program consists of the following types of ads:

  • Premium ads - Paid ads displayed throughout the site on a rotating basis
  • Sponsorships - Exclusive paid ads displayed only on specific calendar(s) - no other ads on sponsored calendars
  • Affiliate ads - Ads selected by CareCalendar that generate a commission for each sale or action

This document covers "PREMIUM ADS" only.


A maximum of one (1) banner ad will be displayed per page view on any page that accepts advertising. The banner ad will be displayed above the fold near the top of the page. The ad will remain on the page until the page is refreshed or a new page loaded. To keep ads fresh, we attempt to present visitors with a different ad on each successive page view.

Run of Site

Your ad will be displayed on a rotating basis on any page of any calendar that has available unsold ad space.

We guarantee that your "run of site" ad will receive a minimum of 10,000 impressions per month for the rate shown in the rate chart. Additional guaranteed impressions are available in blocks of 10,000 per month.

Target by Calendar Type

Your ad can be targeted to a specific calendar type and be displayed on a rotating basis on any page of these calendars that have available unsold ad space.

We guarantee that your "calendar type" targeted ad will receive a minimum of 10,000 impressions per month for the rate shown in the rate chart ONLY if the calendar type you choose has at least 100 active calendars. Additional impressions may be available in blocks of 10,000 per month.

100 or more active calendars as of August 2019
Type %
Illness 25%
Childbirth 15%
Other 14%
Surgery 13%
Eldercare 6%

Target by Geographic Area

Your ad can be targeted to one or more specific state(s) OR a single zip code range within the USA based on the address entered for the calendar's recipient.

We guarantee that your "geographic area" targeted ad will receive a minimum number of impressions per month for the rate shown above based on the number of active calendars within your specified target criteria.

  • At least 500 active calendars : 10,000 impressions guaranteed
  • At least 100 active calendars : 5,000 impressions guaranteed
  • Less than 100 active calendars : no guarantee

Additional impressions may be available. Please contact us for availability.



All advertisements will be in the form of either a 468 x 60 pixel "Full Banner" or 728 x 90 pixel "Leaderboard" image with a file type of JPG or GIF.

Smaller files will load more quickly. The preferred file size for "full banner" ads is under 15k and under 30k for "Leaderboard" ads.


CareCalendar content is intended to be acceptable for viewing by families and people of any age, race, gender and religion. Please take that into consideration for the content of your ad and the site your ad links to.

The colors and content should be in good taste. Animation, if any, should be limited to 15 seconds and then become static. Ads with rapid flashing will be rejected.

CareCalendar is not responsible for the content of the advertisements, nor the content of any site that is linked to from those advertisements. The advertiser accepts all responsibility for the content. By accepting advertisements, CareCalendar is in no way endorsing the product or organization advertised.

Advertisers are responsible for creating the image(s) to be displayed on CareCalendar. For an additional fee, we can create a simple banner for you, or we will gladly refer you to an independent professional graphic artist. Referrals do not imply an endorsement or guarantee of any kind. You will be responsible to negotiate the terms with the graphic artist for image creation and payment for services.


All advertisements must be approved by CareCalendar. We reserve the right to reject and/or cancel any ad that we feel is inappropriate for CareCalendar. This applies to any aspect of the ad, including the banner graphic and the site to which it is linked.

If an ad is canceled or rejected, we will attempt to work with you to resolve the problem. If we are not able to come to an agreement, then a pro rata refund may be issued for the time remaining, less an administrative fee.


Rates current as of August 2019
Banner Size 1 Month 6 Months
(15% discount)
12 Months
(25% discount)
Full Banner (468x60)$60$300$540
Leaderboard (728x90)$75$375$675



Payment for advertising must be received before the ad is displayed.

Minimum commitment

Advertising plans are offered in monthly increments with a one month minimum. Plans must be run continuously without break or interruption.


We guarantee that your ad will receive the minimum impressions agreed upon. If your paid advertisement does not receive the minimum guaranteed impressions for a given month, we will run your ad for one (1) additional month without charge.

Impressions in excess of the guaranteed minimum will not be charged.


Once an ad is activated, it may be modified once per month without additional charge. Each additional modification is subject to an administrative fee.


If your advertising plan is cancelled after your ad has started running and before the beginning of the final paid month, we may issue a pro rata refund for the remaining unused whole months.

Your rate for the cancelled plan will be recalculated based on the full monthly rate in effect at the time of purchase multiplied by the number of months (full or partial) the ad was active. Any discounts given will be forfeited. Any remaining balance will be refunded to you within 90 days of receiving your request.


To get started, submit your ad for approval by sending an email containing:

  • Your ad creative
  • URL to be linked
  • Months to run ad
  • Number of impressions per month
  • Target criteria, if applicable
  • Preferred payment method
Once approved, we will contact you with payment instructions. We accept payments via credit card, check or PayPal.

After payment is received, your ad will be activated.

If you have any questions, please contact us at admin@carecalendar.org.