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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can use CareCalendar and for what purposes?
CareCalendar is intended to be used by individuals and non-profit organizations to help families and individuals during a time of need. This could be short term, like during the recovery period after giving birth to a child, or long term, like caring for someone that is homebound.
How long can we use CareCalendar?
CareCalendar can be used for whatever length of time it is needed.
Can we really use CareCalendar for free?
Yes. CareCalendar is provided free of charge for individuals and non-profit organizations to use.

We do have expenses related to providing this service, so we encourage you to consider finding one or more sponsors for your calendar. We also encourage you to visit the existing sponsors via the advertisements that are on each calendar page. Donations are also accepted. See our sponsorship page for more details.
Can our business use CareCalendar to provide services to our clients?
Please contact us so we can discuss your needs.
Can we install the CareCalendar software on our server?
No. At this time, CareCalendar is only available as a service through CareCalendar.org. If you are interested in a custom version, please send us your requirements.
Do you have a CareCalendar app?
YES! We have created a Progressive Web App (PWA) that is available for mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets.

When visiting our web site, devices with a supported operating system will display a prompt to install the app. Follow the simple instructions on the prompt to install it. No need to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Does the CareCalendar site use/require cookies?
Yes, and accepting cookies is necessary to use this site.
What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small file that is placed on your computer's hard drive that contains information to help our web servers recognize and remember you as you move from page to page within the site.
What information is in the cookie that this site uses?
We only use a "session cookie". These cookies are created when you log on to the site and contain only a randomly generated code, a "session ID". This session ID is used to keep you logged on to the calendar. The cookie should be automatically deleted once you log off and close your browser. The next time you log on, a new cookie will be generated with a new session ID.
What if I reject the cookie from this site?
If cookies are rejected, you may have difficulty logging on. If you do log on, some features of the site may not work properly.


Who can view my personal information?
Some personal information about a 'helper' is available to the calendar's Recipient and Coordinator when you sign up to fill a need. This information is provided to them in the event they need to contact you. Any other use of this information is discouraged, but CareCalendar is not responsible if someone chooses to use it for any other purpose.
How will you use my email address?
Automated email notifications and reminders will be sent to you for each need you sign-up to fill. The Care Recipient and Care Coordinator will also have access to your email address.
Why do you need my phone number?
Your phone number is needed so a Care Recipient or Care Coordinator can contact you. While some people prefer to communicate with email, not everyone shares that preference. Some people would rather work out details over the telephone. Also, not everybody checks email on a regular basis, so in time sensitive situations, a phone number is sometimes needed to ensure that information is delivered promptly. The Care Coordinator may also have a need to contact you by telephone to discuss various aspects of the "care" that you provide that may not be done as easily via email.