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excerpt from: Five Things Every New Mom Wants To Tell Her Pastor
by Rebecca Ingram Powell

#4 - "I need help!"

"It is essential that the church family provide help for moms in the first couple of weeks after giving birth, especially if their extended family is not close by," Eddie Poole says. "In our church, this care, including meals and home visits, has often been what God has used to draw a family closer to him." Gerald James agrees. "I know of no better opportunity for a Sunday school class to build bridges of love to members or prospects than when they have been blessed with a new child. Unlike ministry in times of sorrow or crisis, ministering to a family with a newborn can be a joyful time of celebration. It's an opportunity to see and rejoice over the precious gift of life."

"Moms need meals provided during those first few weeks," says Marla, a mother of three. "They also need an afternoon out with playmates for their older children, a load of laundry washed, or just an hour or two of time donated for a nap. These are all things I could have used but did not want to ask for."

Poole suggests that the church family work as a team arranging meals and running errands for the new family. His final recommendation focuses on the baby's parents as a couple. "When the mom is comfortable enough to get out of the house, we encourage a date night with her husband. Our church family gives her the opportunity through free babysitting for the older children and even the baby if she desires. This has been a true blessing to many moms."

Rebecca Ingram Powell is the author of "Baby Boot Camp: Surviving the First Six Weeks of Motherhood," a devotional for new mothers featured at http://www.rebeccapowell.com.

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Used with permission from the author