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Fr. Guillermo

As you know, Fr. Guillermo is devoting time to the care of two parishes and has little time to spare these days. Hopefully, we can help alieve some of the pressures he has by providing nutritious meals a few days a week for him. Some days he doesn't have time to stop and prepare food for himself. Consider doing this as fulfilling the 5th precept of the Church
(to help to provide for the needs of the church
according to one's abilities and station in life).

If you're good about planning ahead, please record the entree and a side dish you will bring so that we may offer him a variety of dinners (2-4 servings each). Please use disposable containers so that clean-up is easy and dishes will not need to be returned. You may leave the meal, labeled "Fr. Guillermo" in the refrigerator in the office/education building
Tuesdays-Thursdays during regular office hours (9am-5pm).

As for food suggestions, Fr. Guillermo doesn't have any known food sensitivities or allergies and he likes everything! His diet is low sodium, so just make sure there are no heavily salted foods. If you would like to provide a meal without cooking it yourself, takeout food from a restaurant or "Grab & Go" meals from Tome Catering are good options.

May God bless your generosity!
Let your friends know how they can help Fr. Guillermo

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