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New Calendar Setup

Gather Information

Some information about the recipient and their needs should be gathered
before you continue with setting up a calendar. A 'Setup Worksheet' can
be printed to help you gather the necessary information.

Printable Setup Worksheet

After you have gathered the information on this worksheet, return to this
page and continue with setting up a new calendar.

IMPORTANT: Two email messages will be sent to you during the calendar setup
process. You must receive both messages in order to set up and log on to the calendar.

We recommend that you add to your contact list, address
book or approved sender list to help ensure that you will receive those messages.

We strongly recommend that you add to your CONTACTS
due to an excessive number of problems experienced by Gmail users over the past
several months. Even if you have not experienced a problem before,
messages sent to you today could get lost if you do not take action.

Continue to set up a
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